I’ve worked as a contract software engineering consultant for over 10 years. I mainly work in the Internet/web-application space. I’ve built and restructured software teams, delivered a diverse range of projects and helped guide clients through complex problems in finance and government.

I pride myself in having an end-to-end understanding of technology along with the people-processes that make great engineering happen.

What I do

👉 Leading software engineering teams & projects
👉 Critical evaluation, interviewing, and screening engineers at all levels
👉 “debugging software teams” – correcting problematic projects, quality issues, delivery problems
👉 I still find time to code


6 years – Software Engineering & Management Consultant

Working with a diverse range of clients through my consultancy I provide specialist software engineering services. Project planning and delivery, advising investment teams on technical due diligence, assisting with hiring and technical vetting through to leading complex software projects.

Services Provided: Lead Software Engineer, Principal Engineer, Technical Screening Consultant, Technical Advisor, Fractional CTO

Clients, partners and projects: HMRC, Pennant Plc, Capgemini, Manhattan Partners, BP, Volkswagen Group, Tesco Plc, Lloyds Pharmacy, Yorkshire Water, QHi Group, The University of Manchester and many others.

Languages, Tools, Frameworks, Methodologies: Team Management, Client & Stakeholder Management, Product Ownership, Python, Django, JavaScript, TypeScript, SQL, Go, Browser Automation Testing, BDD, SCRUM, C++, Docker, Kubernetes, FastAPI

5 Years – Lead Software Engineer

I worked with a range of agencies, businesses and startups in Manchester, Sheffield and Leeds. I worked on projects in a range of stacks and technical requirements.

Clients, partners and projects: Blackeye Project, SmartfixIT, Jaywing/20:20, Eison, i-raffle and many more.

Languages, Tools, Frameworks, Methodologies: PHP, SQL, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Cordova/Browser-embedded mobile development, WordPress, Drupal

3+ years – Software Developer

During this time I worked on local websites, small software projects and providing (cheap) coding services for new businesses. I built a lot of “brochure” websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

I also worked on a hobby compiler for a language called “Felix” (Written in C, using the Dragon Book) and built a PaaS environment for PHP using a modified PHP runtime and worked on a scale-out image recognition system.

How it started …

I started programming around age 6 by following a Turbo Pascal tutorial program and building small games on Windows 3.1 with fond memories of a green/black phosphorus screen and a CPU turbo-button.

I then went on to install BSD on a cobbled together computer and learn C, networking and hacking. Somehow I stayed (mostly) out of trouble.

My first “job” was aged ~11 when I built a simple database search engine for an insurance site using a horrible early version of PHP/MySQL.

Regardless of what I do, i’ll always be a software developer at heart.